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How do I show my cats that I love them

With cats, the key to communicating love is respect. This means: not forcing them to cuddle when they’re not in the mood letting them go when they’ve had enough cuddles not shouting at or hitting them when they do something you don’t like (cats do NOT respond well to punishment like this) keeping their food, water, and litter bowls pristine not making them wear strange clothes and/or accessories not giving them strange haircuts (I know it sounds weird, but cat self-esteem is more sensitive than you think. They can withdraw, refuse food and human contact, or even go into depression if they hate the way you’ve made them look) Once we’ve taken care of that checklist, we can go on to...

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What are the benefits of owning a cat

Good question! Actually, when I brainstormed with my cats and googled “benefits of cat ownership” I came up with lots of stuff. I’m going to use bullets to list my points. cats offer their owners unconditional love and, if the cat is happy and well-treated, it will be a loyal and loving friend with whom you may develop a close bond. petting a cat can lower your blood pressure by about 10 basis points. cat owners have a lower risk of heart disease because cats help people to reduce their triglyceride and cholesterol levels; a reduction of these levels also helps to reduce risks for strokes, type 2 diabetes, liver and kidney disease. cats help to reduce stress and anxiety...

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